Marketing, promotion and design have always been my passion... Small businesses are often ones that are born out of a dream or passion that someone is chasing. Often these wonderful ideas are made reality, but people struggle to promote it. There are some amazing online tools that can help you create the promotion your business needs. My services are to assist you, teach you and support you in promoting your business while you focus on what you WANT to do - your passion!


I guarantee a response within 24 hours, so you can feel confident that I am here to support you.

And finally - my goal is to support small companies with a small budget. Working alone ensures I can be cost efficient to offer you great service at a small cost.


I have been responsible for marketing strategies in industries ranging from medical devices and dental professions to the construction industry. I specialise in Social Media strategies for businesses, and my broad (international) experience enables me to offer you a broad scale of advice.


So give me a call, drop me an email and together, we can create BIG marketing for your small company!

Alicia van Ek
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